Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Fine Fabrics

Rayne were reknowned for their use of high quality leathers, fabrics and innovative new materials. This spanned their whole range of day shoes, evening sandals, boudoir slippers and handbags.

1940s mule in silk and metallic brocade. Medieval knights and princesses reflect a flirtation with tudor styles at the end of the 1940s

Cut velvet (devoree) and satin heels with a floral design bring plush Victorian luxury to these pumps from 1957

Lurex was a synthetic replacement for metal threads invented in the early 50s. Unlike gold and silver it was cheap. Unlike brass and aluminium it didn't tarnish.

Shoes and matching bag from 1959.

Linen, cotton, velvet and silk were also used extensively. Zibeline was used extensively for evening or wedding shoes that could be dyed to match a dress.

Cotton chintz pumps c1958
Linen sandals c1960
Velvet pumps c1960
Silk pumps c1958

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