Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Flash a-ah, he'll save everyone of us.

Rayne at the movies

Rayne has made shoes for actresses from the day the company was created as a theatrical costumier in 1889, it was a small step to movies and TV.

From Dangerous Moonlight which famously didn't have a single foot or shoe in it. To 2001: A Space Odyssey which had some of the most exciting costumes in any 20th Century film, Rayne have provided shoes for secretaries, glamour girls, murderesses, housewives and astronauts.

Dale Arden is the archetypal adventurous heroine of comic strips. No wonder Ming the Merciless had plans for her.

For a full account of the 1980s film FLASH GORDONclick here.

Dale in a clinch and red and white spectator shoes.

Dale transformed into slave girl by the addition of thousands of gold bugle beads.

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