Thursday, 11 October 2018

Red Heels

Red heels on black shoes were by no means new in the late 20s but as this excerpt from Patricia Wentworth's 1928 novel Will O' The Wisp shows they weren't considered RESPECTABLE. Odd, considering the pair in the photo are by Joseph Box.

Joseph Box Black brogued strap shoes with red heels at York Castle Museum

David surveyed her with disapproval. The scarlet hat and suit he had seen before, but the black patent leather shoes with scarlet heels were a new horror.
"My good girl, you can't go up to town in those shoes!"
" I don't think I'm anybody's good girl. Am I?"
She did a dance step to display the shoes, kicked up the little red heels with a flourish and announced they were dinky.
David turned away and picked up the paper. His conviction that Folly wanted slapping passed into a strong desire to administer some of the arrears which he considered were a good deal overdue.
"Of course if you don't mind being followed in the street," he observed coldly. He shook out the paper. "You will be, to a dead cert."
"I get followed anyhow," said Folly in a little whispering voice.
David was not at all surprised to hear it.

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